May 2019

Sandra on iPolitics


The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians is on Parliament Hill this week lobbying for formal recognition as artists, government funding, and help making a smoother entry into the United States when working on shows. This is not a laughing matter because, right now, comedians aren’t eligible for government funding through the Canada Council for the [...]

February 2019

June 2018

Is Comedy Art?


By CANADALAND With less than a month left until her final set on the Second City stage, Aliya realizes that she's not totally sold on standup. So she talks to Sandra Battaglini, a comedian who's petitioning the government to recognize comedy as an art form that's worth funding, and the art duo Life of a [...]

March 2018

CBC Radio interviews Sandra


No laughing matter: Canadian standup comedians demand more respect After 33 years, the comedy album of the year category is making its return to the Junos this weekend. It's a small win in an ongoing battle for Canadian comedians to be fully recognized as artists, which also ties in with their efforts to have access to government funding. The Canadian Association of [...]

Stand-up comedians take a crack at government funding – Toronto Star


What’s the difference between a one-person stage play and a standup comedian’s performance? The first one is eligible for government arts funding while the latter is not, which is a sad punchline to several of this country’s comedians. It has long been the case that Canadian arts institutions don’t recognize stand-up comedy under the umbrella [...]

October 2016

Sandra in Exclaim!


Sara Hennessey, Garrett Jamieson and Sandra Battaglini Help Launch Comedy Records/Exclaim! Standup Showcase Toronto-based comic and Sudbury native Sandra Battaglini makes her STC debut and so does Steve Pigozzo, who now works in TV, film and theatre in Toronto. Alessandro Costantini, founding artistic director of YES Theatre stars in the production as does veteran STC [...]

March 2016

Sandra in the Sudbury Star – 2016


Comedy storm coming home to Sudbury Sandra Battaglini is coming home and she's bringing the laughs with her. The award-winning actor, stand-up comic and writer will return March 26 to headline this month's installment of Theatre Cambrian Late Night, a monthly comedy show. Theatre Cambrian's executive director, Mark Mannisto, is welcoming the comedienne back home [...]

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